20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Step by step to the end

This week, we gathered and talk about the future of our project. We defined our specifications and wrote a great Requirement Analysis report. All of us worked together and did a great job about Requirement Analysis Report.

First, we had to decide our 3D Graphics Engine and 3D Audio Engine. I did research about them. There are lots of engines available and ready to use but the problem is which one to use. They are classified as Graphics API, Programming Language Bindings, some libraries etc. The one we need has to have available support. Since we are new at this area, we need some documentations, manuals and tutorials to implement them. I found some great engines but they are not appropriate for us because of the lack of support. After some more research, we are agreed on one 3D Graphics engine and 3D Audio engine that have enough documentation and appropriate for our project.

After we decided on there critical points of the project, we can now imagine how the result will be approximately. I think imagining is something important in a project. Once we imagine the product of the project, the implementation will be easy for a group like us. We also agreed on the name of the product. It is TRASTRAPS. It means Training and Strategical Planning Simulation.

I believe we did a great job in such a busy week. We are getting closer to end week by week, so we need to work harder in order to achieve what we seek.

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