12 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

On preperation of writing SRS

This week I spent most of my time to pre-dedign and modulerize our term project to write a Software Requirements Specification (SRS). Also, it was very useful to read guidelines about writing good SRS. According to guidelines I have read so far, the project should be well-designed and all the requirements must be gathered before writing SRS. The most useful guideline was IEEE's and we decided to use it.

The requirements of the project may include each module's hardware dependencies, user interfaces, system interfaces etc. As we are going to implement a warfare simulator, user interfaces and graphical models are very important to implement. In addition, I thought and suggest my friends that, we can add RTI middleware system, it's usages, database management interfaces, graphics engine interfaces to our SRS as system interface.

Last but not least, I went on making research on HLA and RTI concepts to gain enough experience and knowledge before our inital design and it seems we should make more research on the concepts.

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