20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Writing SRS

It was a very exhaustive week because of the Requirements Specification Reports. We were very tired but when we look behind, we are proud of writing a professional, technical and satisfactory report. Each passing day relationship between Virtual Impact members getting stronger and requirements Specification Report was the last but most intesifier factor for this relationship.

In the report, we indicated all the initial steps of our project which involves, research conducted so far, the process flow that we planned, requirements we gathered and etc. Putting all together was a hard job, because it was our first huge report and it had to be well-organized and planned. Therefore we spent a lot of time together to plan each word and as a result a good report is written.

The most exciting part of the initial process was looking for 3D engines. As we found tools, we got self confident, and were glad to know what we can do with these great tools. Here is an example of a such tool we can make use of:

We should admit that forming the use cases and class diagrams was a hard job, but drawing them with "creately" was very enjoyable and easy. It seems we are going to use it a lot in this semester :)

During this period we did not just concentrate on the requirements, we also imagined all the final parts of the simulation, we believe it was the best part our meetings. It means we have a good dream of creating a great visual simulation and we will work very hard for that.

As a result, our Reqirements Analysis Report is not just a report, it represents what Virtual Impact can (and will) do. It is just the beginning and the visible part of the iceberg...


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