20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Requirements and Initial Steps

This week was all about specifying requirements about the project. Our requirement analysis report can be downloaded from our website, which will be available as soon as the domain is provided as I said last week.

We have reflected the research we have done till now to the requirements analysis report, as well as determining the tools to be used. The most difficult part was coupling the project, which requires exact specifications. Nevertheless, this week we have put all of our work together and created a huge initial step to our project.

All of the report is written together, there was no individual work or subgroup study. Every decision is made by contribution of everyone, since we have decided the team model to be democratically decentralized. Of course we shared only the 'writing and drawing' part, to work parallel, but after deciding what to write or draw. I can say that my biggest 'solo' part was translating everything into LaTeX, since we pay attention to format of our report in addition to content. The design and cover of our report was my work too, where I used absolutely LaTeX :) Another design requiring issue was drawing of diagrams, where some use cases and a little part of class diagram was realized by me too. However, gantt chart was drawn by other team members, again compromising altogether on the timeline.

Related to content, every single aspect was discussed in the team but briefly what I have reduced to writing were;
- introduction chapter,
- process model and team model,
- major constraints,
- sponsor meeting overview,
- logging requirements and
- risk management issues.

In addition to these, we have decided on the design of our GUI menus which will be presented on the weekly meetings before sharing them with you :)

So what we have done in this week can be inspected from our requirements analysis report. We are willing to meet with you at this point next week, thanks :)


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