6 Kasım 2009 Cuma

For starters, HLA and RTI

Since this is the first week, I did some research on what we'll use for out project. So, I did some research on HLA (High Level Architecture) and RTI (Run Time Interface).

After some Google-ing, I found very useful information. First, I found out that HLA is an architecture which was first introduced by U.S. DMSO (Defense Modeling and Simulation Office) but it is an IEEE standart now (IEEE 1516). I figured that HLA is simply an architecture for distributed computer simulation systems which allows computer simulations to communicate to other computer simlations. However, HLA is not enough for computer simulations by itself. RTI (Run Time Interface) is needed to manage those communication. RTI is the main component of HLA. HLA also has 2 other components (i.e., Object Model Template (OMT) and HLA Rules).

After some research about these issues, I tried to discover some RTI implementations. First, I checked out Chronos RTI by Magnetar Games. It uses IEEE 1516 standart and C++ .NET. Since it is a licensed product, I downloaded trial version of it. It allows you to use it for 10 minutes. I tried to figure how it works. I read some parts of its manual and now tried to figure how to implement.

After that, I found a really good paper entitled as "Selecting a HLA Run-Time Infrastructure" by Michael Imbrogno, Wayne Robbins and Gerard Pieris (Ottowa-Canada). It really helped me have an idea about HLA and RTI. I am sure that I'll use that paper for my future needs about the project

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