5 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

Hello World, Hello HLA RTI!

For the first week of our project, I have inspected some sources related to HLA based RTI implementations, done some market search and looked for intelligent agents a little bit. Of course most of our effort is given to brainstorming during this process, because "what" to implement is still a larger question than "how" to implement, before giving out an SRS.

I see no need to explain concepts like what HLA standard stands for, for which purpose RTI is used, etc., but I want to share some useful sources that we (or you, if you are interested in similar topics) can use in future development steps. The first one is Portico, a fully supported, open source, cross-platform HLA RTI implementation. You can get more info from http://porticoproject.org/ . It is well documented and open source, however it is better to keep in mind that, to use a tool that is more preferred and suggested by sponsors may be well-integrated and ease our work.

Also for RTI implementations, the evaluation and comparison of them are briefly summarized in a paper we found at http://www.scs.org/confernc/hsc/hsc02/hsc/papers/hsc017.pdf . And the last source we have examined about HLA based simulating is http://dss.ll.mit.edu/dss.web/96.14.103.RTI.Introduction.html where every step is explicitly told.

Considering HLA terminology, agents (intelligent objects) are creatures(!) that we are not so familiar with. To have some idea about how artificial intelligent is dealt with in such simulations, Distributed Artificial Intelligence And The HLA: Bridging The Gap is an invaluable article we can consult.

So that's all from my research part, next week we will have started to take a step to implementation and design decisions, I hope.

Ilke :)

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