5 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

A mini-research on HLA an RTI

At the very initial step of our term project, I made some research about very important topics such as HLA (High Level Architecture), RTI (Run-time Infrastructure) to get familier with them. HLA is a distributed architecture for computer simulation systems. In HLA each unit is called a federate and each federate can communicate through a middleware also known as RTI which is the fundemental component of HLA. Federates can cooperate with each other thanks to the services that are provided by RTI. These services allow federates to exchange data and communicate in run time.

An interface specification of HLA defines how HLA simulator can communicate with RTI and these specifications are object-oriented. As one can guess many vendors develop their RTI implementations using JAVA and C++ languages.

There are several RTI implementations and it is worth to note that, RTI vendors may follow different design patterns to develop their RTI implementations. In addition, it is not necessary to implement each federation by the same RTI implementation, a different but suitable one can be used. However, using different RTI implementations may lead to interoperability issues, so vendors’ interoperability specifications about different versions or products of other vendors should be read.


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