12 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

Our Website Is On The Way! Behind The SRS Report :)

This week was a busy week in regard of the progress we have made about the project. Actually the study and research is done by whole group, but we will inform you in different subjects.

The part, actually the news, I will explain is a little bit more enjoyable :) Our web site is coming soon! I have been working on it for two weeks, and finally there exists a working draft from now on! We will share the address with you as soon as our department provides a domain for us, and from then, you can catch up with us from our website too. By means of an RSS feed of this blog I added and weekly reports (more formal formatted versions of what we tell here) we will be writing, you can have more information about the project. Moreover, the project definition, our contact information and lots of additional things are ready for you to be read. Just a little more time, we hope you will like :)

Other things we have done throughout this week is deciding on specifications of our project. Since our sponsors believe in us and our motivation, they are relaxed on specifications and we are absolutely free to implement everything we want, everything that we are to know we can do! With this conditions, we are our customer, our boss, our software team and our inspector. In this case, determining specifications and writing SRS report is our job too. Thus we have started writing down the whole SRS report by following the guideline of IEEE. Also while preparing, I needed an UML tool for Mac OS X, as a Mac user, for this reason we searched for a couple of UML and designing tools. In addition to plug-ins to Netbeans, Eclipse and other developing platforms; there are many tools like ArgoUML, Umbrella, Omnigraffle, Magic Draw, Visual Paradigm, Gliffy, etc. Trying each by ourselves, the best one in both practicality and license point of view, was definitely Creately, which Serkan will explain how to use a little bit.

So that's all by me for this week, other corporate studies that we have been working on will be told by other team members.

Ilke :)

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