10 Mart 2010 Çarşamba

New Semester, Same Work :)

After a little break, we are all freshly on our job to serve you TRASTRAPS. This week we have given a quick start to implementation phase and the demo we are preparing for tomorrow will also reflect that. Briefly, we have been coding and developing day and night for about a week :)

My part of job is again dealing with GUIs and writing the classes of GUIs integration to project. Control classes are also to be written with database interaction. Apart from these, I have set up and uploaded our website to our provided domain. You can access it from the address http://www.virtualimpact.co.nr (free domain :) ). All the material we have written or implemented (except the last demo) can also be found here. I will upload the end product and manuel at the end of the semester too, Ojala if we finish :) (A spanish word for strong desire). All other parts of the website are again my creative vision. Also you can follow us from twitter too, with "virtual_impact" username. Our last contact with the world is I also included this blog to our welcome page, to make everyone have access to our first term work.

For a last word, last week we have evaluated another group's work and they were good designers too in terms of project development. This also enlarged our vision of thought while inspecting others work.

This is all for this starting week, again I suggest you to visit our website if you have some questions about our project.


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