4 Ocak 2010 Pazartesi

First Presentation!

As Senan said, we are enlarging our steps and speeding up the development process. Irrlicht is really useful, whereas other tools we integrated to each other also look perfectly synchronized so that we are fully motivated to enter the kitchen for the project.

But as we have shared the subjects to be told between the team, I will not mentioned the development part, but the presentation we prepared for whole seniors, professors and all those who are curious about TRASTRAPS! "The chosen one" of our team is me, so I am the one to introduce us and the project. Of course, as most of the phases we have been passing, we have been preparing the presentation altogether too, but the style belongs to me :)

First I will start to our presentation with an introducing video, taken from a trailer of the game Battlefield 1942. Of course it is not a sole video, we have added (actually we have chosen the style and Serkan added) our project logo with visual and sound effects. After that, I will give an outline of the next 13.5 minutes and let the audience meet with our team. Then the part I like the most in our presentation will appear: Virtual Impact Trailer(!). Again, with team contribution, Serkan, After Effects Master of our team, prepared this too. Then I will introduce team members, and project. As TRASTRAPS sounds like troops are coming, we believe that even the name makes you "feel the real battlefield" (one of the sentences I like to say most at the presentation :) ). Then I will mention about the market analysis we have conducted and explain the differences of these projects from us, what we will do as extra. Then our motivations will be discussed, followed by project details. I will not give the whole presentation here, as details can be found in the link provided to the audiovisuals of our presentation.

After providing information about Units, Scenario, Missions, Systems and Modes; features and requirements of the project will be told too. Then some template and example GUIs will also be shown and then lastly design details will be given. You can also inspect the overall architecture, the federate communications (since HLA based) and tools to be used from the slides too. Lastly I will present the work done and work that will be done, and finish the presentation.

We are planning to finish the visuals and presentation text today and then work on it in the place I will be giving the presentation. I hope it will be a really good presentation because I believe that our motivation will reflect to the presentation and prove all our energy to the audience. We will be glad if any of you who follow us from our blog wants to join us in our presentation day :)

Thanks for your attention again, and here is the link for our presentation:

Ilke (The Presenter?)

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