18 Mart 2010 Perşembe

Integration on Different Platforms

This week I have worked a little bit experimentally :) First issue was making all our modules and federates implemented so far work on my Mac. We have been working on Ubuntu, everything was going well there. But my parts were implemented on my Mac, so on Mac OS X, so we have to realize what we said on our design reports and make the whole thing work platform independently. GUI was working since implemented here, Simulation Engine was not working at first but I handled it with a little bit configuration, and Graphics Engine was not working too, but with a little bit change in implementation will handle that too.

Using Netbeans for code development environment, also we have come across with some difficulties in version differences. After equalizing all platforms and environments, I have joined all the pieces together and try them on Mac OS X. The result was as expected and this step taken was successful in making TRASTRAPS platform independent. Also about one or two months ago, my other friends had tried it on Windows too, it was working.

This is all from me for this week, my last word is again mentioning our website: we all welcome you at http://www.virtualimpact.co.nr


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