11 Mart 2010 Perşembe

When classes start, we write classes :)

We have started this term and this week very fast. The implementation is getting more and more complex but thanks to our thick Detailed Design Report, everything is going on the right way. We complained much when we were writing the report, but now we see the ease of using it.

This week, my role in the project was developing object classes like Unit classes, System classes and Mission classes. I have written the basics of these classes like predefined attributes, getter and setters, basic predefined methods and constructors - destructors. These are seem primitive actions but we have decided that we have to start by these tasks to construct a strong structure. Also I have implemented database connections via a database class, to store our basic scenario units. Unit manager class is also ready to use by simulation engine including singleton objects. Lastly the scenario class is started to being implemented by me and help of others.

Next week, according to our plan, these all mentioned classes will be finished. See you all next week.


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