11 Mart 2010 Perşembe

As time passes by, everything changes

As all my friends said, this week has been a gun fired for start of the project marathon. We have implemented many classes as we had done for our first term demo. And many others with the help of our design document. Inspecting our graphic engine Irrlicht, RTI communication structure Portico and other federates, we have started to think that what if we use both Java and C++ in place of only C++.

Disregarding middle steps, we have decided to use Java for some federates (like Simulation Engine and Recording Engine) and C++ for others (like GUI Engine, Graphics Engine and Sound Engine). Because RTI communication is easier on the way of using Java and C++ makes us lose time in some aspects. This brand new decision leads us to change our already written classes, and this was the role of mine. I have changed the simulation engine's prototype from C++ to Java, so we are now OK with language use.

My other roles to be completed on next weeks are integrating physics engine and helping Suat to define systems class units. So these also will be completed too.


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