25 Aralık 2009 Cuma

Warfare Units. Are They Walking, Swimming and Flying?

To begin with, last week was the most tiring times of our team. Apart from other projects and works we have to deal with, all our efforts were to make TRASTRAPS stand on its feet. Actually we achieved so, with our initial design report, which is like a little book :) Like other reports or works completed, initial design is also created by all of us, which we cannot separate part by part. Thus, I want to inform you a little bit about unit capabilities and unit hierarchy in our design.

There are three base entities concerning the units that construct both agents and trainee roles. (Sorry for some missing parts like what is trainee role or agent or modes, but we will give related information as time goes by, since some parts should still remain closed considering secrecy of the project.) These base entities are marine, ground and air forces as you can guess when thought of a warfare. And each base entity is modeled as deriving from the same unit class, but having different parameters to differ. According to these parameters, there exists different models of vehicles or units, which are ready to use when no modeling required at first. However, commanders are welcome to add their own models deriving from previous default ones, changing their parameters. There is no adding of parameter since new parameters may affect the physics of the simulation. Details of these models will probably be able to be given next week.

Differing models are not only due to the parameters but also by systems. With systems we mean any equipment that can be added to a unit in order to strengthen some characteristics of the unit. Of course the first system you should be thinking of is a gun or sensor, etc. which is correct, yes we have them in addition to five different models of systems. Again the type of systems will be given later. The hierarchy of systems are like units, where there are five base system and many deriving from them.

The domain search and parameter decision of units are again achieved by not only me, also with contribution of my teammates, but I have taken this part to share with you. I am eminently growing impatient to share our GUI designs and architecture to use RTI but I suppose next week, after our first presentation to public, we will be more relaxed to share detailed info about our project. I hope you are this impatient too to learn more about TRASTRAPS, which we start to take positive feedbacks from worldwide :) Thanks.


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