11 Aralık 2009 Cuma

Initial Design Report Time

It is time for us to write the initial design report. In order to write the report, we shoud have meet and took critical steps. So, we met this week and talked about what to do. We wrote some parts of the report and draw some essential diagrams. We decided how the GUI will be and I tried to write them clearly to the report. Also we decided how the scenarios will be. These scenarios will shape the project.
I did some research about integration of IDE and our software tools. They were not so good but I tried to use them as well as I can. However in portico, there are still some problems abot linking libraries that I am still working on. On the other hand, Irrlicht has a great tutorial for Netbeans IDE but it is implemented for DirectX. We are going to use OpenGL instead of DirectX, so I am working on Irrlicht to modify it to OpenGL.
We are getting closer to the implementation phase and I believe that when we start to implementation, we will swiftly show our differance.

Serkan Olgun

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