25 Aralık 2009 Cuma


After a long time, firstly I want to say something about our initial design report

As Ilke said, although there are some points that we keep them for the detailed design report, the initial one has already become a little book. Now, I want to mention about database design part of the initial design report. As our project is based on reusability of the scenarios, units assigned to them etc., database has a critical role in TRASTRAPS.

Four main entity types that will be stored in database are scenario, model, system and mission. Of course relationship between them will also be stored as I am going to explain in the following paragraphs.

Database design usually imitates the class hierarchy of the project entities. Actually, this is true for systems and models. There will be a main tables for system, model and mission entities that will be stored common properties of them. Differentiating properties of them are stored in different tables that contain tuples that are binded to main tables with their unique identifiers.

The relationships between those for main entities that will be stored are like in the followings:

- Scenario-unit
- Model-system
- Unit-mission

As an additional information, in TRASTRAPS terminology, units are instances of model.

The other entity type that we think to store will be rules. Storage and relationships of rules with other entities will be explained in detailed design report in more detail.


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