25 Aralık 2009 Cuma

HLA - RTI Control

After writing the initial design report, we were completely exhausted. But we believe that we wrote an incredible report and it was just the beginning. We are still going on our research and finally started some coding.

Finally we decomposed our system into stand-alone modules and all are going to communicate through RTI. I googled some HLA and RTI sources that tell how those modules (each is in fact a federate) will communicate. For example, on Portico's web site there are useful examples written both
in C++ and JAVA.

In a federation, each federate is capable of sending and receiving objects that are defined in a FED (Federation Execution Details) file. This could be achieved by using functions such as publish and subscribe. Each federate can be subscribe an object that was defined in the FED file and each federate can send and object by publishing it over the RTI. If an object gets published any subscribed federate can get its contents.

As more days passes, we take control of such topics, and we believe we will create a great project.

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