11 Aralık 2009 Cuma

Initialization of Initial Design

Yes we have started! One way we are integrating the IDEs and environments such that which is usable and convenient with which, and on the other way our designs are given start with GUI designs. The GUIs were decided a little bit before, but now the whole realization may be done in a couple weeks. What a commander and trainee do with the simulator, which areas restricted to which user, which user-specialized GUIs are handled how, all of these details will be given, they are just in progress. We have drawn them on paper and with visualizers, just waiting to be implemented. Of course the issue is that but starting from a point of view seems like a huge step from our perspective. Our other teams members are busy with unit and model design reflections, they will explain theirs a few hours later :)

We will give details of our initial design report just a few weeks later, be patient and wait for the virtual impact force! :)


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